04 The Sage Perspective with Debbi McCullough

Certified Positive Intelligence coaches Debbi McCullough and Charlie Jett discuss the Sage Perspective.

Positive Intelligence and the PQ System utilize the “Sage Perspective” that turns down the volume of the Saboteurs in the left brain and activates the right brain.


  • The Sage Perspective
    • The sage lives in our right brain.
    • The right brain needs to be activated.
      • We need to turn down the volume of the left brain to do this.
    • Every outcome or circumstance can be turned into a gift.
    • The three gifts of the sage perspective:
      • Knowledge – what knowledge might I gain so that the payoff in the future could be larger than what this situation is costing me now?
      • Power – Which mental muscles can I grow to be able to handle this?
      • Inspiration – What inspiring action might I commit to as a result of this situation?
    • Finding the gift can be hard to do.
    • Use the Powers of the Sage
      • Empathize
      • Explore
      • Innovate
      • Navigate
      • Activate

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