07 The “Hyper-Vigilant” Saboteur with Carolyn Smith

Carolyn Smith is a Certified Positive Intelligence coach and a Certified Co-Active Coach based in Toronto.

She and Charlie Jett discuss the “Hyper-Vigilant” saboteur – what it is, how it affects you, and what you can do to turn down its volume.

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The Hyper-Vigilant saboteur shows up as continuous (simmering or intense) anxiety watching for all the dangers and all that could go wrong. Where these can be protective superpowers, in the normal course of life, these become obstacles: at best one might call the Hyper-Vigilant a “worry wart” crying wolf, and at its worst, it prevents healthy trust, good relationship and effective progress.

  • Hyper-Vigilants are always or often anxious, with chronic doubts about self and others.
  • They have extraordinary sensitivity to danger signals.
  • They have a constant expectation of mishap or danger.
  • They might be suspicious of what others are up to.
  • They believe that people just “mess up.”
  • A Hyper-Vigilant might seek reassurance and guidance in procedures, rules, authorities, institutions.

Like the other saboteurs, the HYPER-VIGILANT resides in your LEFT BRAIN and has a loud voice that generally drowns out your wiser self.

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