16 The Three Gifts with Amy Moser

Certified Positive Intelligence coaches Amy Moser (London) and Charlie Jett (Chicago) discuss the “Three Gifts Technique” – finding the gift in a negative circumstance. Knowledge, Power, and Inspiration!

Amy Moser is a Certified Positive Intelligence and seasoned coach who works with clients that include divorcing women and family lawyers. Her previous experience in working with parents and kids fits with her passion to improve divorce within the family system. Amy’s clients develop the mental fitness to be resilient throughout the stressful times during and after divorce.

Amy has personal experience from an eight-year high conflict divorce. She regards this as a gift, and uses it to support others through coaching. Amy has worked in partnership with barristers, international family lawyers, divorce coaches and mediators in the US, UK, UAE and Italy. She negotiated a successful consent order in the Italian Court and has represented herself in the UK Court.

Amy is a single mother of two teenagers. She moved from Chicago to London when she was 30 (hence amymoser30). Third-culture living, expatriatism, travelling on standby, redundancy, death of a parent and teenage mental health struggles have all been part of her own life experience. She has US, UK and Italian passports.

Amy’s recent work with Positive Intelligence includes Business-to-Business presentations and a PQ Accelerator mastermind group. Responding to feedback from PQ clients, she created a one-hour PQ Workout event, started in April 2021. She moderates a private Facebook Group, which any PQ trained woman can join. See links below.

Amy worked in corporate communications at professional services firms for more than 20 years.

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