20 The Sage Power of Navigate with Wendy McManus

As a leadership coach, Wendy draws out the true genius in her clients, helping them become more confident, capable leaders and happier human beings. They expand their self-awareness and their self-mastery while building more authentic, trust-based relationships with their co-workers.

Wendy McManus

Wendy’s clients harness the power of people to create stellar business results.

Wendy brings her well-rounded experience, including 17 years of success as a leader in produce marketing, to her work as a Leadership Coach. In 2017, she made the leap into coaching, which is the work she was born to do.

Wendy has been trained and mentored by Shirzad Chamine, author of the NY Times bestseller, Positive Intelligence. She is one of just 14 coaches in the first group of trailblazers to earn the rigorous PQ Coach certification (CPQC) from Positive Intelligence. She has shepherded dozens of individuals and teams through her Mental Fitness Boot Camp program, which is delivered in partnership with Positive Intelligence.

By combining one-to-one coaching and the Mental Fitness Boot Camp program, Wendy’s clients are making breakthroughs faster and with more ease than ever before. As a coach, facilitator, trainer, and public speaker, Wendy helps people get clear about what they want, and gain massive traction toward reaching those goals.


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