22 Positive Intelligence in Weight Loss with Lee Busch

Lee is the senior certified coach at iDiet – a science-based organization helping clients to reach their healthy weight maintenance goals without struggle or hunger. iDiet has recently incorporated Positive Intelligence principles to augment iDiet’s existing best-in-class nutrition, behavior, and habit-change curriculum. This helps to turn down the volume on thoughts and feelings that used to interfere with progress — and turn on a more joyful and lasting approach to healthy eating and weight loss. Lee designs programs that integrate Positive Intelligence into the iDiet core while personally running many of the live classes.

Adding in the PQ program to the curriculum at iDiet has measurably changed the lives of the dieters. More clients now see up to 2x the weight loss — achieving gold-standard clinical results without drugs or surgery — better retention and engagement, and many other life improvements with iDiet’s clients. It has become a program that goes beyond changing your weight to improve your life, to a program that improves all aspects of your life while changing your weight.

Lee Busch is an educator, advisor, and life coach. He employs a multidisciplinary approach based in neurobiology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, nutrition, and integrative medicine, combining ancient and modern wisdom to translate relevant insights into personalized help.

Lee is a certified coach in several disciplines, including the Instinct Diet and Positive Intelligence. Graduating magna cum laude from Tufts University, Lee is an advisor to consulting firms, top-tier universities, the Fortune 50/500, select startup companies, and his private clients.

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