25 Positive Intelligence in Money Mindset with Cindy Morgan-Jaffe

Cindy Morgan-Jaffe speaks, writes, and coaches on mental fitness and money. She helps individuals and organizations handle money related challenges with a clear mind and positive emotions, so they get the results they want and need.

Cindy Morgan-Jaffe

Cindy has a broad range of skills and experience in the private, nonprofit, and government sectors including running leadership programs for senior executives across the federal government. She has a Master’s in Education and Human Development from George Washington University and is a certified Life and Professional Recovery, Positive Intelligence Coach, as well as a trained XChange Guide. She hosts a Positive Money Club as a safe space to address money challenges. She also facilitates workshops and events on how money mindset drives results, and conscious leadership. Cindy is also a lead trainer for R1 Learning, committed to bringing tools and education to those on the front line of addiction and behavioral health. She and her wife have raised five children and live in Washington, DC where she enjoys art, yoga, and hiking.

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