35 Positive Intelligence Coaching for Distressed Parents of Gifted/ ‘2E’ Children with Sheryl Stoller, PCI-CPC®

Sheryl Stoller is a PCI Certified Parent Coach® who has devoted herself to coaching overwrought parents of children whose abilities, sensibilities, and behaviors go beyond expectations (gifted, twice/multi-exceptional) since 2009.

This is a personal journey as well as an academic and professional one for Sheryl. She is deeply gratified to serve parents the way she had needed when her children were young.

Parents who work with Sheryl come to love how they show up to themselves, their children, and others in their lives.

Sheryl has been an expert guest on Debbie Reber’s wide-reaching TiLT Parenting Podcast and is honored to have joined her Differently Wired Club’s team of parent coaches.

She integrates many fields of knowledge and training into her coaching. Most recently, she is receiving her Somatic Attachment Therapy Certification; and is a Positive Intelligence (PI) Mental Fitness Coach, through Shirzad Chamine out of Stanford University. Sheryl Co-Leads two communities of practice for PI – Parents and Families, and Neurodiversity; and has received rave reviews for her customization of PI for “Aligned Parents” and “Get Mental and Emotional Fitness” Group programs for 2E parents.

Having trained with Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Sheryl is honored that Dr. Shefali has this to say: “There are few who can work with families of gifted and twice-exceptional children the way Sheryl Stoller can. She is not only perceptive, compassionate, and knowledgeable, but also extremely effective and results oriented.  She is trained in conscious parenting approaches and has tremendous success with her clients. I unreservedly recommend her!”

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