The Positive Intelligence® Course

I offer an intensive seven-week Positive Intelligence® courses for individuals as well as teams.

The course is conducted in “pods” – groups of individuals.

  • Courses for teams are limited to eight participants.
  • Courses for individuals will include other participants who choose to enroll. 

These courses are intended to help participants develop new neural pathways and habits to improve their mental fitness though the Positive Intelligence® System. This program has been proven to enhance performance of business teams, individuals, and groups.

These proven results include:

The courses include:

  • 7 weeks of daily mental fitness training to build new neural pathways
  • 15 minutes of daily app-based prompts to assist in developing new habits and enhancing self-command
  • One hour of video learning content per week
  • One hour per week of practice and discussion with a group (pod) of 6-8 participants
  • One hour of one-on-one individual coaching for each participant
  • Access to the Positive Intelligence® audio book to increase understanding of the concepts, science and research behind this approach

Contact me for more information about this course and how to enroll.

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