15 Saboteur “Tag Teams” with Bill Carmody

Bill Carmody is a master of marketing and sales and an exceptional coach. He is a “maker of millionaires” and is committed to helping more than a million people reach total financial freedom.

Bill’s experience has included entrepreneurship, consulting, coaching, writing, volunteering, promoting social justice, and a builder of businesses.

In 2020, Bill co-created the Positive Intelligence (or PQ) program with founder Shirzad Chamine and the business has become one of the most powerful and fastest growing programs available today for coaches to supplement any coaching certification and to enable them to develop a six-seven figure income.


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14 The “Hyper-Achiever” Saboteur with Manbir Kaur

Manbir is an Executive and Leadership Coach (Professional Certificated Master Coach, MCC-ICF). She is also a Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) Enhanced Skills Practitioner and a key-note speaker.

She specializes in coaching leaders from technology organizations. Manbir helps leaders and entrepreneurs to align themselves and their teams to the strategic goals, unleash their own and their team’s potential. Over years, she has developed specific frameworks to help organizations and leaders achieve success in the most effective way. Her frameworks make coaching progress measurable and she believes in creating value for her clients in every engagement. Her clients include executives from various technology companies from India, UK, USA, Middle East and so on.

She is also the author of two books, Get Your Next Promotion and Are You The Leader You Want To Be?   The latter combines various principles, studies and practices to present a path-breaking, five-part framework called HUMAN which helps engage your teams in a human way. The book presents a business story-based narrative, which has been very well received by the readers. This book was nominated as one of the top 5 Business Books in India for BBLF CK Prahalad Best Business Book Award 2019.

Manbir has more than two decades of work experience. Prior to being a coach, Manbir has worked in the corporate world for various Indian and multinational IT companies in roles such as development, operations, presales, people management and consulting. This work experience enables her to relate to her clients in a more immersive way.

Her professional goals are aimed at helping millions of leaders and teams across the world to develop the abilities to break the shackles that may hold them back and help them achieve their potential. As new changes in the business and personal worlds affect the individuals, she takes a step back to study, research, reflect and come up with simple methods that can help professionals from all spheres to continue to excel despite these changes. She writes articles, blogs and books to share the hard-earned wisdom, lessons learned and simple-yet-effective frameworks with all.

On a personal front, she is quite dedicated to her family. She believes in fostering deeper connections. She works hard but always makes space for the people who make the sun shine in her world. She believes in work–life integration and has achieved that elusive balance that we all seek. In her spare time, she pursues hobbies such as theatre, dance and poetry.

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13 The “Hyper-Rational” Saboteur with Chris Baker

Chris Baker is a family man and an avid cyclist. He competed in both Mountain Bike Cross-Country and Cyclocross – entering close to 200 races in the last 20 years. In 2012, he became the California State Clydesdale (over 200#) Cross Country Mountain Bike State Champion. He is honored to be a former board member of Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz and continue to support leaders at MBOSC.

Now Chris devotes his time to the Clydesdale Group – his Leadership Coaching company. He works with emerging leaders and growing organizations, delivering Leadership Coaching and Executive Consulting.  He partners with rapid-growth organizations and managers who are new to leadership.

Chris is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation and a certified Mental Fitness  (PQ) Coach.

Chris deliberately keeps his client base small and focused. His style of coaching works through its single-minded, collaborative approach founded on a developing relationship with the client.

His approach to Leadership Coaching is based on simple, actionable, proven steps. Crucially, it’s backed by science (neuroscience, positive psychology, cognitive psychology, and performance science).

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12 The “Restless” Saboteur with Pam Knox

Pam Knox is a Global Business Strategist, Storyteller and Communication Coach.

Pam Knox

Pam works with entrepreneurs and emerging leaders to help them build their brands by telling their stories. As a certified Positive Intelligence Coach, she coaches women business owners and C-Suite leaders to become the voice of their business. By mastering the mindset necessary to get out of their way, her clients confidently leverage their authentic story as a strength that empowers, engages, and educates audiences.

You can reach Coach Pam at pam@pamknox.com and on Instagram @pam.a.knox

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11 The “Controller” Saboteur with Amy Moser

Amy Moser is a Certified Positive Intelligence and seasoned coach who works with clients that include divorcing women and family lawyers.

Her previous experience in working with parents and kids fits with her passion to improve divorce within the family system. Amy’s clients develop the mental fitness to be resilient throughout the stressful times during and after divorce.

Amy has personal experience from an eight-year high conflict divorce. She regards this as a gift, and uses it to support others through coaching. Amy has worked in partnership with barristers, international family lawyers, divorce coaches and mediators in the US, UK, UAE and Italy. She negotiated a successful consent order in the Italian Court and has represented herself in the UK Court.

Amy is a single mother of two teenagers. She moved from Chicago to London when she was 30.

Third-culture living, expatriatism, travelling on standby, redundancy, death of a parent and teenage mental health struggles have all been part of her own life experience. She has US, UK and Italian passports.

Amy’s recent work with Positive Intelligence includes Business-to-Business presentations and a PQ Accelerator mastermind group. Responding to feedback from PQ clients, she created a one-hour PQ Workout event, started in April 2021. She moderates a private Facebook Group, which any PQ trained woman can join.

Amy worked in corporate communications at professional services firms for more than 20 years.

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10 The “Victim” Saboteur with Diana Boskma


Diana Boskma is a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach, Life Coach, Relationship Coach and Health Coach.

Before taking it professional, she coached through voluntary organizations as early as 1997. She found fulfillment in coaching, and in 2017 decided to take it to the next level after becoming certified as a Health Coach.

This opened up new possibilities for her, which led her to becoming certified as an Insight Coach. With her 2021 certification as a Positive Intelligence coach, she has been moving forward with her lifelong passion which is to help women see their potential and help them create the lives they want.

You can access Diana’s coaching website by clicking on the button below.


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09 The “Pleaser” Saboteur with Angie Alexander

Angie Alexander is a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach and a Professional Engineer with over 20-years of oil & gas experience.

While she enjoyed the technical work of engineering, she was often brought in to facilitate team meetings. She soon became the “go to” person to assist multi-discipline teams to unravel and solve complex technical & business problems.

This passion for unlocking the potential in people led me to launch her business as an executive coach, facilitator, and consultant.


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08 The “Avoider” Saboteur with Taryn Laakso

Taryn Laakso is a Professional Certified Coach and a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach.

In her own words . . .

I believe deeply in the power of coaching, and have seen its immense positive impacts in my own personal and professional life. I have taken this journey myself and have conquered numerous personal obstacles with courage and determination along with a fierce passion for overcoming negative self-talk. I believe that I am uniquely suited as your guide and I am thrilled to share proven methods for intercepting and upgrading your mental operating system. I believe everyone deserves to have a life that is calm, flowing with ease, and grounded in deep inner confidence.

As a recovering Hyper-Achiever, I know the challenges faced with keeping up appearances of perfectionism when faced with negative self-talk like “I’m not good enough and “I’m not doing enough”. It’s exhausting and creates a disconnection with your emotions and others in your life. I will help you find your gifts and strengths as a High-Achieving professional while also creating compassion and empathy for yourself and others. You’ll quiet down the negative inner critic talk and judgment of others that cause most of the conflict and unease in your life. I’ll empower you with a deep belief in yourself that is rooted in self-confidence and offer a new perspective when faced with difficult challenges.

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07 The “Hyper-Vigilant” Saboteur with Carolyn Smith

Carolyn Smith is a Certified Positive Intelligence coach and a Certified Co-Active Coach based in Toronto.

She and Charlie Jett discuss the “Hyper-Vigilant” saboteur – what it is, how it affects you, and what you can do to turn down its volume.

Contact Carolyn Smith by clicking HERE.

The Hyper-Vigilant saboteur shows up as continuous (simmering or intense) anxiety watching for all the dangers and all that could go wrong. Where these can be protective superpowers, in the normal course of life, these become obstacles: at best one might call the Hyper-Vigilant a “worry wart” crying wolf, and at its worst, it prevents healthy trust, good relationship and effective progress.

  • Hyper-Vigilants are always or often anxious, with chronic doubts about self and others.
  • They have extraordinary sensitivity to danger signals.
  • They have a constant expectation of mishap or danger.
  • They might be suspicious of what others are up to.
  • They believe that people just “mess up.”
  • A Hyper-Vigilant might seek reassurance and guidance in procedures, rules, authorities, institutions.

Like the other saboteurs, the HYPER-VIGILANT resides in your LEFT BRAIN and has a loud voice that generally drowns out your wiser self.

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06 The “Stickler” Saboteur with Sue Das

Sue Das is a Certified Positive Intelligence coach and a Certified Co-Active Coach who coaches people who are too hard on themselves and want to learn to live with more self-compassion and courage.

She and Charlie discuss one of the saboteurs – the “STICKLER” – what it is, how it affects you, and what you can do to turn down its volume.

The Stickler is known for seeking perfection and displays a need for order and organization. But those needs are taken too far. The Stickler takes some great strengths and turns them into disadvantages for self and others. Here are some of the characteristics of someone whose Stickler might be active:

  • Punctual, methodical, perfectionist.
  • Can be irritable, tense, opinionated, sarcastic.
  • Highly critical of self and others.
  • Strong need for self-control and self-restraint.
  • Works overtime to make up for others’ sloppiness and laziness.
  • Is highly sensitive to criticism.

Like the other saboteurs, the STICKLER resides in your LEFT BRAIN and has a loud voice that generally drowns out your wiser self.

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05 The “Judge” Saboteur with Debbi McCullough

Certified Positive Intelligence Coaches Debbi McCullough and Charlie Jett discuss the most important saboteur – “The Judge.”

The Judge is the Master Saboteur, the one everyone suffers from. It compels you to constantly find faults with yourself, others, and your conditions and circumstances.

The judge resides in your LEFT BRAIN and has a loud voice that generally drowns out your wiser self.



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04 The Sage Perspective with Debbi McCullough

Certified Positive Intelligence coaches Debbi McCullough and Charlie Jett discuss the Sage Perspective.

Positive Intelligence and the PQ System utilize the “Sage Perspective” that turns down the volume of the Saboteurs in the left brain and activates the right brain.


  • The Sage Perspective
    • The sage lives in our right brain.
    • The right brain needs to be activated.
      • We need to turn down the volume of the left brain to do this.
    • Every outcome or circumstance can be turned into a gift.
    • The three gifts of the sage perspective:
      • Knowledge – what knowledge might I gain so that the payoff in the future could be larger than what this situation is costing me now?
      • Power – Which mental muscles can I grow to be able to handle this?
      • Inspiration – What inspiring action might I commit to as a result of this situation?
    • Finding the gift can be hard to do.
    • Use the Powers of the Sage
      • Empathize
      • Explore
      • Innovate
      • Navigate
      • Activate

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03 The Saboteurs with Debbi McCullough

Debbi McCullough and Charlie Jett are certified Positive Intelligence Coaches who discuss the “Saboteurs” identified in Positive Intelligence.

Saboteurs are a universal phenomenon. Unless you tackle and weaken your own internal enemies – we call them “Saboteurs” – they will do their best to rob you of any improvements you make.

These are the voices that – through the Positive Intelligence System – you need to turn down the volume so you can hear the voices of your wiser inner-self. Understand that you cannot silence them or get rid of them. They are built into your left brain. But you CAN diminish their effects.

The question is not whether you have saboteurs, but which ones you have, and how strong they are. They are universal-spanning cultures, genders, and age groups-because they are connected to the functions of the brain that have focused on survival.

So  – here they are.

The Judge

The Judge is the Master Saboteur, the one everyone suffers from. It compels you to constantly find faults with yourself, others, and your conditions and circumstances. It does so under the pretense of being rational and reasonable and trying to be helpful.

The Avoider

The Avoider focuses on the positive and the pleasant in an extreme way. It avoids difficult and unpleasant tasks and conflicts.

The Controller

The Controller runs an anxiety-based need to take charge, control situations, and bends people’s actions to one’s own will.  It generates high anxiety and impatience when that is not possible.

The Hyper-Achiever

The Hyper-Achiever makes you dependent on constant performance and achievement for self-respect and self-validation. It keeps you focused mainly on external success rather than on internal criteria for happiness.

The Hyper-Rational

The Hyper-Rational involves an intense and exclusive focus on the rational processing of everything, including relationships. It causes you to be impatient with people’s emotions and regards emotions as unworthy of much time or consideration.

The Hyper-Vigilant

The Hyper-Vigilant makes you feel intense and continuous anxiety about all the dangers surrounding you and what could go wrong. It is constantly vigilant and can never rest.

The Pleaser

The Pleaser compels you to try and gain acceptance and affection by helping, pleasing, rescuing, or flattering others constantly. It causes you to lose sight of your own needs and become resentful of others as a result.

The Restless

The Restless is constantly in search of greater excitement in the next activity or through personal busyness. It doesn’t allow you to feel much peace or contentment with your current activity.

The Stickler

The Stickler is the need for perfection, order, and organization taken too far. It makes you and others around you anxious and uptight.

The Victim

The Victim wants you to feel emotional and temperamental as a way of gaining attention and affection. It results in an extreme focus on internal feelings, particularly painful ones, and can often result in a martyr streak

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02 The Neuroscience Foundation for Mental Fitness and Positive Intelligence with Debbi McCullough


Debbi McCullough and Charlie Jett are certified Positive Intelligence Coaches who discuss the PQ concept and the Neuroscience Foundation behind it.



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01 Introduction to Mental Fitness and Positive Intelligence with Debbi McCullough

Debbie McCullough and Charlie Jett are certified Positive Intelligence Coaches who discuss the PQ concept and all elements of the PQ System.

The concept of mental fitness and positive intelligence is the brainchild of Shirzad Charmine and is documented in his book, Positive Intelligence: Why Only 20% of Teams and Individuals Achieve Their True Potential and How You Can Achieve Yours

Specifically, the Positive Intelligence (PQ) or Mental Fitness concept is as follows:

  • Your left brain:
    • Your negative emotions are heightened by an over-active left brain.
    • The over-active left brain is ruled by what PQ calls, your “saboteurs”
    • Some of these saboteurs were born with you – they are inherent.
    • Others were developed as a way to survive as you grew up
    • These saboteurs often hijack your thoughts and lead you down the wrong paths
  • Your right brain is:
    • Where your positive emotions and your “wiser self” reside, or
    • In PQ terms, where your “sage” lives.
  • The net result is:
    • Your wiser self or your right brain is often drowned out by the power of your over-active left brain saboteurs
    • The power of the Positive Intelligence system can turn down the volume of your saboteurs and increase the volume of your sage.

Application of the PQ System has beneficial results – and it’s ALL ABOUT RESULTS!

  • Teams perform 31% better
  • Salespeople sell 37% more
  • Creativity increases threefold
  • Doctors diagnose 31% better
  • People live 10 years longer

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