What Participants Are Saying

Here is what some wonderful participants are saying about the Positive Intelligence Course:

“I am always seeking out professional development opportunities that I can apply to help my clients (busy teams and lawyers) and in my own life. 

I would be hard-pressed to name a single course / conference / book or experience that was more immediately applicable, more accessible, or more useful.  And Charlie’s leadership of our pod was nothing short of masterful.  His approach is organized and straightforward, and makes the material even more applicable to real life.  I can’t say enough about the PQ program generally, or working with Charlie in particular.  If you’re considering the PQ program, I encourage you to seize the opportunity.  And if you have the chance to join a pod led by Charlie, stop reading and register.”  — A. M. G.

“The PQ curriculum has been incredibly powerful for me.  The frameworks, tools and exercises helped me meaningfully close my own “knowing-doing gap” when it comes to noticing and managing my negative emotions.  It also helped me to integrate my knowledge of emotional intelligence, brain science, mindfulness and coaching techniques.  I now leverage the concepts in my own life and with my coaching clients.  Our facilitator, Charlie, brought together a wonderfully diverse group of individuals and we supported each other in our unique journeys. The collaboration reminded me that as human beings are all more alike than we are different.”  — K.M.

“Charlie’s presentation and coaching of Shirzad Chamine’s Positive Intelligence method changed my life. My anxiety and stress levels decreased significantly as a result of participating in the group meetings, individual practice, and individual reading. Just the mere awareness of my “saboteurs” has resulted in a dramatic improvement in practically every area of my life. I wish this program was taught in schools to children as part of required curriculum, right along with reading, writing, and math. Over-reacting, worry, stress, and other difficulties could be learned to be managed and our world would be better for it. I highly recommend participating in the program with Charlie, even if you’re a skeptic! He’ll be the first to tell you: he was one, too!”  — K. M.

“The PQ program that Charlie coached us through offered very valuable approaches to management and self awareness that would benefit any executive or emerging executive.  It took the concept of mindfulness to a new and more actionable level.  Charlie was masterful at steering our pod through some challenging lessons and a lot of questions.  A very valuable use of time and energy!” — C.D.

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